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With a selection of over 400 whiskies, Noorman’s Kil features one of the most impressive collections in NYC. Whiskey lovers of all kinds are sure to expand their palettes here.

More than just a place for libations, Noorman’s Kil hosts regular whiskey tastings and other events that spotlight the many facets of whiskey heritage. An assortment of gourmet grilled cheeses are on the menu to balance the belly and 12 rotating beers are available on tap along with other spirits for the non-whiskey inclined.

The bar’s gut renovated interior has been handcrafted by its four owners, who are alumni of Barcade and The Gutter. A salvaged 19th-century bar paired with a mix of modern and traditional millwork and metal fixtures effuses a classic American spirit. Noorman’s Kil also boasts a large, garden backyard.

The bar’s name is derived from a creek that once flowed through northern Brooklyn. Noorman’s Kil also references the importance of water in the distillation of whiskey, which when translated from the Gaelic term usquebaugh, means “water of life.”